Saturday, October 8, 2016

TFG Analysis & Signal for EUR/GBP (10/10/2016) to (15/10/2016) Weekly

After Flash Crash on pound, GBPUSD recovered 1.2400 perhaps, EURGBP also bounce back at 0.8976. But this pair has unable to hold support before close the forex market. so its good time to buyer for taking BUY opportunity.

But also have risk to back at support where from started resistance 0.8830. So, if unable to continue resistance then the selling target would be 0.8970 , 0.8830 then 0.8756.

TFG Analysis & Signal for EUR/GBP:

Trade: SELL at 0.9300
Target: 0.88
Stop-loss: 0.9500
Spot: 0.9000

On the other hand,

Trade: BUY at 0.9000
Target: 0.9300
Stop-loss: 0.8800
Spot: 0.9000

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