Tuesday, April 11, 2017

EURGBP Trading Forecast (APRIL 2017)

EURGBP is declined .5 percent at opening day. however EUR is under pressure due to presidential election of French. Perhaps here is a good chance to win for LEN who asked FREXIT within 6 month after win presidential election. So after Brexit it would be a good pressure for european union.

So , For coming week, EURGBP may go at lower leg 0.8350 if break then 0.8100 due to upcoming French presidential election race. EURGBP trading at 0.8500 right now. 

Friday, April 7, 2017

Trading Forecast GBPUSD Weekly for (April 10th to April 15th)

After meet with European Leader Donald Tusk with Mrs. May pound touched 1.25 but at the closing day pound struggle so had to break this point. however after release the data of NFP none farm payroll, USD rebound bullish and pound and euro both goes down. Nevertheless, GBPUSD trading now 1.2377  which break 1.24 means Brexit begins according to ROBOBANK. Next week GBPUSD may go lower lag at 1.21 and if break then 1.2000 area. So more downside risk remaining. 

Thursday, April 6, 2017

EUR/USD Trading Forecast for April 2017

Hello traders, its been long time for euro struggling so hard to survive above 1.2 area. Its bad for Euro because of upcoming French election on April on the later on German election also will be held on this year. Other hand brexit triggers which euro putting more pressure.  Even USD is also on fire and american economic looks wealth. BOA bank of American expecting more rate hikes which is not good for Euro single currency.

So, i prefer to stay short or open sell order with 1.05 target, if any upside point break such as 1.10 then we expecting to go further 1.14 then 1.18 this year.

Sunday, April 2, 2017

GBPUSD weekly Trading Forecast: (April 3rd to April 7th)

After Triggers Article 50 by Mrs. May , GBPUSD has moved up 1.2550 and closing with this at last friday trading session. But still not clear about which way pound moves. Thats why we must wait to break the point between  1.2700 or 1.2000 to get new clear direction. But still pound expecting bearish movement because the proper outcome of Brexit is not happen yet.