Saturday, October 8, 2016

TFG Analysis & Signal for EUR/USD (10/10/2016) to (15/10/2016) Weekly

EUR looks pretty much good shape and market is very much stabilized on EUR. However, the President of ECB, Mr. Dragi are trying to reduce upcoming brexit risk but the statement of Mr. Dragi said strong voice which is: ECB will act whatever they need to do. At this moment EUR is trapped between 1.14 to 1.10 and its good to invest on it.

TFG Analysis & Signal for EUR/USD:

Trade: SELL at 1.1300
Target: 1.1200
Stop-loss: 1.1500
Spot: 1.1200

On the other hand,

Trade: BUY at 1.1200
Target: 1.1400
Stop-loss: 1.1000
Spot: 1.1200